Superwinch Talon Series

Superwinch Talon Series


The Superwinch Talon is the premiere winch for recovery of Truck, Jeep and SUVs.  Sealed to IP67 and designed expressly for synthetic rope, the Superwinch Talon knows no equal.  There are 3 main things to keep in mind when considering the Talon.

First, this is a powerful winch; there's no getting around it.  At a 62 feet-per-minute no-load speed, you'll be cleaned up and ready to roll far faster than anyone else on the trail.  All eyes will be on you and your Superwinch.

Second, synthetic rope is awesome.  It's light, super-strong and can be far safer than wire cable.  There's just two thing it hates: heat and abrasion.  Superwinch Talon mitigates the heat by relocating the brake from the drum.  Rope also squeezes a drum like nothing else, so Superwinch engineers beefed up the flange and drum tube making it a super-drum.

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