Official Sponsor of 2019 Overland Expo

AUGUST 07, 2019
Superwinch at Overland Expo

Westin Automotive is proud to announce the release of our newest winch products from Superwinch. Superwinch has built a reputation as a worldwide industry innovator for more than 4 decades and Westin will maintain that heritage with a great line-up of products for both hydraulic and electric winch applications. Products include the Talon Series, Tiger Shark Series, Terra Series, LP Series, LT Series, S Series, UT Winch and Winch2Go.

Superwinch is the official winch of the "2019 Four Wheeler Overland Adventure" and "2019 Overland Expo East and West". Trust Westin and Superwinch to give you the look, function and durability your vehicle needs.

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