superwinch mount kit-arctic cat, 2202873


NOTE: this adapter is ONLY needed for 2-bolt winch mounting (for example, to bolt a Superwinch LT2000).  4-bolt winches, such as the Superwinch LT3000, Terra (25/35) do not require this kit - Arctic Cat has the winch mount built into the bike.  To our knowledge, the Terra 45 will not fit these bikes.

Includes all mounting brackets, hardware, and installation instructions [view Installation Instructions now]. Please note: The roller fairlead is not included with the purchase of this ATV mount kit. 


  • 1000 Thundercat (08-13)
  • 700 Altera 2016
  • 700 4x4 (all + V2, H1) (07-15)
  • 650 4x4 (all + V2, H1, TRV, TBX) (05-10)
  • 550 4x4 (including TRV) (09-12)
  • 500 Altera (2016)
  • 500 XR (only needed for 2-bolt winches like the Superwinch LT200/2500)
  • 500 TRV CORE (2013)
  • 500 4x4 (all except 05 TRV) (05-09)
  • 450 4x4 (+TRV) (10-12)
  • 400 4x4 (all + TBX/TRV) (06-10)


The Superwinch ATV/UTV mount kits are manufactured out of heavy gauge steel and powdercoated black for a long lasting finish.  All hardware and complete instructions are included. 

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