superwinch pulley block-12,000#, 2212 for winch 2212a with hook


Designed for winches with a rated line pull up to 12,000 lbs. great for for winches up to 6,000lbs in capacity.


The Superwinch pulley block is specifically designed for maximizing the pulling power of a winch. This 12,000 lb pulley block allows the winch to effectively use the power of the double line pull.

The hook on the pulley block is removed and the winch cable line is run over the pulley. The pulley block hook is then replaced and then attached to a strap wrapped on the forward fixed-object. The hook on the winch cable end is attached to the front of the vehicle being pulled-or to a fixed object close to the front of the vehicle.

Warning: Do not use for hoisting.


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