Superwinch Solenoid Relocation Kit LONG , 2302282


Solenoid Relocation Kit Long allows you to relocate the solenoid or solenoid control pack. Fits Talon 9.5/12.5/14.0/18.0, Tiger Shark 9500/11500/13500/15500/17500, EP9.0 and EPi9.0 winches that have removable solenoid pack.


Solenoid Relocation Kit LONG Includes two 67" 2GA cables with 5/16" ring terminals on each end, one 72" 2GA cable with 5/16" ring terminals on each end, one 36" 10GA motor ground wire with 1/4" piggy back terminal & 5/16" ring terminal, one T connector and five rubber terminal boots.


Wiring instructions for Superwinch Talon and Superwinch Tiger Shark.


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